Baterai & Charger

Baterai & Charger

    Baterai  dirancang untuk memiliki kinerja yang baik di berbagai suhu, sebagai zona aman yang ideal. suhu tinggi saat pengisian dapat menyebabkan degradasi baterai dan pengisian  akan menurunkan kinerja baterai,A lithium-ion battery is a smart battery that may not be fully charged or the term of use cannot be achieved with non-original chargers. (Including a power adapter and USB cable).

  The battery consists of two electrodes (one positive and one negative) and an electrolyte catalysis reaction that converts the compound into a new substance. Over time, ions form in the electrode, directing the flow of electrons to the negative outer terminal of the battery and supplying electrical power to your cellphone. Smart cellphone batteries are charged when the current passes through it. High voltages and higher voltages fill the battery faster, but there are limits to what can be taken. The charge controller (IC) protects against dangerous surges.


    Beberapa jenis baterai memiliki toleransi yang tinggi untuk pengisian yang berlebihan dan dapat diisi ulang dengan koneksi ke sumber tegangan konstan atau sumber arus konstan, pengisi sederhana jenis ini membutuhkan pemutusan pengguna pada akhir siklus biaya, atau mungkin memiliki timer untuk memotong pengisian saat ini pada waktu yang tetap. Jenis baterai lainnya tidak dapat menahan lama-tinggi tingkat over-charging, charger mungkin memiliki suhu atau sirkuit penginderaan tegangan dan sebuah microprocessor controller untuk mengatur arus pengisian, dan memotong di akhir biaya.

    A dripping charger provides a relatively small amount of current, only enough to fight self-discharge from a battery that is idle for a long time. Slow battery chargers may take several hours to complete the charge, high-level chargers can restore capacity in a few minutes or less than one hour, but generally require battery monitoring to protect it from overcharge. Electric vehicles need high-level fillers for public access, installation of these chargers and distribution support for them is a problem in the application of proposed electric cars.

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Xinfu Baterai CMOS

Xinfu Baterai CmosBATERAI / BATTERY CR2032 (Baterai CMOS/Battery CMOS)Baterai yang dapat digunakan diantaranya:* Jam* Kalkulator* CMOS Computer/komputerSPESIFIKASI :> Lithium Battery 3V> Isi 5 pcs / strip> Kemasan Blister Vacuum..

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